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The Hotel Bloomfield went by many names throughout its existence. Liberty Hotel, Easley House, Porter Hotel, and Bloomfield Hotel all refer to the same building that was located along the canal in downtown Canal Fulton. The location was on Liberty St (now known as Market St) on the empty lot that is now known as Kilbride Park behind what is currently Cherry Street Creamery.

The history of Old Easley House as recorded by Old Canal Days Museum, C.E. Gainey:

Old Easley Hotel--Built in 1840

Destroyed by Fire--March 28, 1934 at 4pm

The old Liberty Hotel built in 1840 was originally constructed as a storage of grain for canal shipment, then later remodeled for use as a hotel by Mr. Easley and was known as the Easley House for many years.

The old building was constructed of 12"x12" oak timbers with cross beams 50' long, which was cut out of the nearby forests. President Garfield as a boy drove mules on the Ohio-Erie Canal which passed directly beneath its massive portals and he must have hung out at the Easley House at some time. President Wm. McKinley stayed overnight here while campaigning for the presidency in 1896. In later years this building was purchased by Ed and Al Nichter, the third floor was removed and a new roof built thereon, the upstairs was remodeled into several modern apartments. The lower or first floor where the saloon once flourished was rented to John Goshorn for theatre and school furnishing display. The other room on the West side of the building was rented to Miss Williams for a Beauty Parlor.

The following list of names for this building until it was destroyed by fire March 28, 1934 was:

  • Liberty Hotel
  • Easley House
  • Porter Hotel
  • Bloomfield Hotel