The Federated Church

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The charmingly simple Romanesque-influence of Canal Fulton’s United Presbyterian church certainly makes it one of the most perfect “Christmas Card” façades in the town. The Presbyterian members trace their roots through a couple of churches, with the Newman Creek Church contributing the most members. Organized as early as 1811, the first presbytery churches were located at Newman Creek and Pigeon Run and the churches were known as the Newman Creek Church and the Pigeon Run Church (which later dissolved). In 1814, the two churches met to elect ruling boards and unite their congregations; a church was built in 1816, “across the road from the site of the old Newman Creek cemetery now known as County Line cemetery near Fox Run in Wayne County”. A finer structure was built in 1820, yet dissension prevailed in the congregation. In 1842, the church dissolved and about 100 members built the present building in Canal Fulton. Educational facilities were added and remodeling enabled members to be served well. In the sixties, the Salem Reformed Church and the Presbyterian Church were without pastors, so the two congregations united in 1966, to form the Federated church. This union lasted over twenty years, until the churches were closed and sold for private businesses or residences.

The building is located at 311 High St NE. The building still stands, but it is currently privately owned by structural engineering company Electro-Mech Engineering.