The Fulton Pit Car Company

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Established in 1890 by Andrew Schrock, who did a general repair business for mine operators. In 1893, the company was leased by Fulton Tool and Manufacturing Co., who operated it for about two years, manufacturing pit cars, coal drills and mine equipment. Upon the failure of this company, Mr. Schrock again assumed control. The building pictured in the first image of the gallery was built in 1913. The Pit Car Works was established to serve the area mines. The Company had its own lumberyard and manufactured wooden mine cars. The wheels were made at the factory as well. Unfortunately, the time was off for the Pit Car Works, local mines were becoming played out, and mining was shifting to southern states. The Fulton Pit Car Company could hardly compete with Pit Car Works located closer to those southern mines, and by the time the suggestion was made to manufacture truck chassis at the old Works it was too late. The company went out of business thereafter.