Swigart-Easterling Funeral Home

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Swigart-Easterling Funeral Home (formerly known as Swigart Funeral Home) has a long history, starting out with Charles R. Daily. Daily started his furniture company in 1894, where he also served as an undertaker as was common for furniture stores at the time. In 1902, James and Charles Finefrock purchased C.R. Daily Furniture and Undertaker from Daily and reorganized as the Finefrock Furniture Store[1]. They continued the same furniture & undertaker business.

In 1906 the Finefrock brothers constructed a new building at 239 Canal St N, which is currently Warehouse On the Canal. James and Charles dissolved their partnership, with Charles moving. He started a new business named Finefrock Furniture at 641 Lincoln Way W in Massillon.

After already having run the undertaker operations for over a decade, in 1937 Paul R. Swigart and his wife Vera (the son-in-law and daughter of James Finefrock) inherited the business and then fully separated the undertaker operation from the furniture store. The undertaker services were moved to a newly-formed company, Swigart Funeral Home, in James Finefrock's former home at 624 East Cherry St[2].

In 1989 longtime staff members Benjamin and Belinda Easterling gained ownership of the business[3].